Table - find selected img and select next cell

What a wonderful and amazing tool
I am grateful for this

I am new to this and I am trying something in a table

as you can see, there is in some cell an img selected
how can I get the contents of the next (or the right) cell

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for your kind help

I wish to all of us all the best and an amazing and blesshing continuation :slight_smile:

With my warmest regards

For a temporary solution I could use also the index of the cells with the selected image…

Hi aaon,

Thanks for posting! Capturing this data should be doable. However, I think your row selectors might need to be adjusted before we can capture the data in the columns.

I’d recommend checking out our free Office Hours. We are offering them Monday through Thursday, Noon to 2, Pacific time. It’s an open learning session where you can ask questions and share screens to get detailed solutions. We will be able to better help you here since we can screen share and adjust the recipe together. You can join from here: How to start Scraping Data | Data Miner