Site has no Next button

Hi Team!

First of all, I love your extension! But I need some help. I am trying to setup the next page navigation for my recipe, but I the site I’m trying to scrape does not have a Next Button. What should I do?

The page I’m trying to scrape is Search Results for * at

Please provide advice on what I should try next.

Hi @emily!

Thanks for reaching out! And great to hear you’re enjoying the tool :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help. I took a look at the site and it looks you’re right, there is no next page button. Not a problem though, we can use the active/current page indicator as a way to paginate. Try the following selector:

.active + li a

Manually copy and paste that into your advanced next page selector input box and then you should be good to go! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Zach!

What about sites that have a Next button and Skip to Last button?

Thank you!

Hi John,

When a site has two Nav buttons or the Easy Nav finder is just not working, you can use an advanced selector that works on most sites. Try the following:


the “a” represents the element and the “:contains” tells Data Miner to look for specific text on the page. In this case, the single arrow. However, this works for any text. So you can even try this on sites that use the word Next. For example, a:contains(Next)

Manually copy and paste the first selector into your Advanced Next Page Selector input box and then you should be good to go!

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Hey @zach how would I configure this to scrape? It has no next button, and “.active + li a” does not work.

Hi Alex,

It’s hard to say just looking at Recipe Creator. Do you have a URL you can share or a screenshot of the HTML?

My guess is you will need something like .gsc-cursor-current-page + div a

Hey @zach sorry for the delay. this is the URL - Programmable Search Engine

If you search anything you will get 1-10 pages and no next button.

I tried .gsc-cursor-current-page + div a and it does not work


Hi Alex,

No worries, thanks for the link. I took a look at the page and it turns out your original selector should work.

.gsc-cursor-current-page +

The above selector worked for me. If you’re having trouble with it I’d recommend checking out our free Office Hours. We are offering them Monday through Thursday, Noon to 2, Pacific time. It’s an open learning session where you can ask questions and share screens to get detailed solutions. You can join from here: How to start Scraping Data | Data Miner

Also, just a reminder that the Next Page Automation process must be started from the main Data Miner window. It’s not automatic. You can learn how to run it here: Page Scrape - Next Page Automation - YouTube

Hi Zach,
Thanks for this helpfull extension, it’s really great.I also have a problem with the navigation because the page does not have a next page button and the navigation links are in Javascript.
If you can give me some advice, I would be grateful.
Here is the site in question:

Thanks in advance

Hi cortahelio,

Thanks for posting. If there is no Next button you can also use the current page as a way to paginate. Using the advanced Nav settings, you can do the “Hover and Shift” process over the current page number, then add a plus (+). At times, you need to specify elements as well. Your selector needed elements and was a little tricky in general. Try the following.

.pagination li:has(.active) + li a

This will tell Data Miner to look for the current (active) page number and then click the next element over, which would be the next page. Our Nav Selector video covers this process as well.

Manually copy and paste the above into your Next Page Selector input box under the Advanced Settings and then you should be good to go!

You will find it around 4:29 in the video How to write Data Miner recipes with Recipe Creator | Data Miner

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Above tips were really useful… But for my site, it have current class in a tag which is inside li.

  • Anyway, we can scrab data from this site…

    Hi bijufun,

    Thansk for posting. You will just have to change the class then.


    li:has(.pagination--current) + li a