Scraping Emails from Websites

Hey everyone,

I’d like to know if it’s possible to upload a list of websites in a csv file and scrape the emails from the websites uploaded.

Is it possible?


Hi Goncalo,

Thanks for posting! Scraping emails with Data Miner is very doable. However, Data Miner is only able to visit the exact URL it’s giving. The tool is not able to search through entire site for the email. So the emails must be on the page Data Miner is giving. If they are, you will want to perform a Crawl using the CSV and the Recipe “Generic Recipe - Get Emails”.

The Crawl process is outlined on the following help page: How to crawl and scrape a website | Data Miner.

The Crawl feature does also require a paid plan as well, but you can test it with a free plan. You can view paid plans here: Pricing | Data Miner

Thank you so much for your help!