Scrap gogle voice

i have tried all the ways shown to scrap gogle voice to get my call log history but it will only pull 42 rows how do i get it to pull all of my history as i want to down load it as a csv to put in a calendar

Hi mmaarrkk,

Thanks for the post! It sounds like the page is dynamically loading the data. Meaning, new data loads, and the previous data is removed as you scroll down. So no more than 42 or so rows are available at a time. This is done to help with site performance and we, unfortunately, don’t have a solution or feature quite yet for this issue.

At the moment Data Miner is only able to scrape once per page. And what has to happen to overcome this issue is Data Miner needs to scroll, scrape, scroll, scrape.What you’ll have to do is Run the recipe once, then manually scroll down. Then with Data Miner open, click the scrape button using “Scrape and Append” option and then scroll again continuing this process. The button will accumulate the data so when you download the file it will have everything you scraped in a single CSV.

Please let me know if you have any questions.