Phone Numbers From Google Maps (Free Version)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to scrape gym phone numbers from google maps but every page scrape formula I look at, in the phone number column it says the gyms opening hours instead of the phone number. Need help, i’m in Australia, not sure if this affects anything but my contacts from America don’t seem to have this issue.


Your formula’s the exact same as that being used by said contacts from America?

No, for some reason the formula they use doesn’t show up for me

Well, I doubted the problem had anything to do with Australia in the first place.

Do you have any experience editing recipes. including defining selectors for columns?

No I don’t, I just go through the ones that are available in the ‘public’ section but none of them show the phone numbers

I recommend reading the documentation and finding out how to select what you need in your own recipes. Most sites are dead easy to define selectors for.

I don’t understand, you’re recommending i make my own recipe? is it hard?

Not at all!

What’s the site you’re scraping and what do you intend to scrape