Old recipes not working / Cannot create new recipes

Some time ago I created a few recipes. I hadn’t used Dataminer for a while and tried using it recently.

The recipes I created are ‘not working’ and I cannot create new ones. For example, when I hover over an element to create a column, nothing happens when I press ‘c’.

I’m using Chrome Version 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I can copy and use public recipes with no problems.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for posting.

The grayed-out (“not working”) feature is used to help visualize if the recipe works or not on the current page. If your recipes are currently gray, this means you are either opening Data Miner on a different page than they were designed for or the page’s HTML has changed and the recipe no longer matches the page. If the HTML has changed, you just have to click the edit/pencil button on the recipe and update the recipe so it works with the new HTML. You can learn how to write recipes from the following tutorials: How to write Data Miner recipes with Recipe Creator | Data Miner

As for the “c” issue, our Easy Column Finder can sometimes have issues with more advanced sites. For these pages we recommend using the green Advanced Finder under the advanced settings. You can learn more about the Advanced Finder here: Cols Advanced Tricks - YouTube

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the info. However, I am still unable to create new recipes for any site. I’ve tried Chrome on both PC and Chromebook.

To select a row with Easy Finder, I’ve tried hovering and pressing ‘1’. The element is not selected. Using Advanced Finder and pressing ‘shift’, still nothing happens.

Nothing happens when I try to select a column with both Easy Finder and Advanced Finder as well.

One other thing, when I press Easy Finder or Advanced Finder, the app minimizes itself.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the update. I wonder if the selection process is going wrong on your computer. When you click the Easy Finder or Advanced Finder button, Recipe Creator should go into the background and the browser window should come forward and be the active window. This is what allows you to select items. Recipe Creator is technically a different window. I’d recommend after you click one of the finder buttons, try clicking the browser window, and then try the hover selection process.

If you continue to have issues, I’d recommend checking out our free Office Hours. We are offering them Monday through Thursday, Noon to 2, Pacific time. It’s an open learning session where you can ask questions and share screens to get detailed solutions. We will be able to better help you here since we can screen share and look at the issue on your screen. You can join from here: How to start Scraping Data | Data Miner