Obtaining URLs for a preexisting 'name' list

Hi! I have a pre-existing list of species names, for each species I want to extract information from marinespecies.org. Is there an easy solution that allows me to compile the matching URLs for each species which I can then use as a base to scrape the wanted information?

Hi toniaim,

Thanks for posting. The process of performing a search is what we would call form filling.

We are actually working on a form-filling feature as we speak. The Form Filling recipe takes values from a CSV, injects them into a form/search bar on a web page, hits submit and scrapes the results.

We hope to have this feature up in running in the next year. Until then you will have to manually search each specie and then run a recipe to scrape the data once it’s visible on the page. A Recipe is a set of instructions the tool uses to read and scrape the site.

You can make recipes yourself by using our recipes creator tool and looking at our tutorials here:
How to write Data Miner recipes with Recipe Creator | Data Miner or we can make them for you. Custom Recipes cost $150 per recipe and take 2-3 days to write. You can learn more about them here: Custom Recipe Development Service | Data Miner

If you’re interested in learning more about Data Miner I’d recommend checking out our help docs. We have lots of videos and documentation for most questions here: How to start Scraping Data | Data Miner

Please let me know if you have any questions.