Novice question.need help with this URL

Just want to extract name and then click on name and get address from the next. Also go through all the links

Thank you for help

Hi date,

Thanks for posting! Scraping sub-level data is a common scenario and Data Miner is designed to handle this. But rather than clicking back and forth, Data Miner actually uses URLs for its’ automation. This process is called a Crawl. The process is outlined on the following help page: How to crawl and scrape a website | Data Miner.

This process requires two recipes. You need to scrape the detail page URLs off of the search results page using one recipe and then Data Miner visits the URL and then scrapes the detail page’s data using the second recipe. You can make the recipes yourself by looking at our tutorials here: How to write Data Miner recipes with Recipe Creator | Data Miner or we can make them for you for $300 total ($150 each).

The Crawl feature does also require a paid plan as well, but you can test it with a free plan. You can view paid plans here: Pricing | Data Miner

Our paid plans are easy to cancel when you don’t need them anymore and there is no commitment. You can cancel anytime from your account page here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.