NAV Function - Next Page


I have setup the ROWS & COLS recipe but having issues with the NAV recipe and going to next page.
My NAV recipe: MuiIconButton-root:eq(1) is not picking up the data on next page pagination as needed.

Any suggestions?


Hi emilsatur,

Thanks for the post! I took a look at the site and it looks like there aren’t any unique selectors for the next page button. And the Easy Nav Finder is having trouble because of the “Last Page” button. I’d recommend using the following selector

[title="Next Page"] button

I found this by looking in the pages HTML. Recipe Creator (RC) only suggests Classes, IDs and Elements, but anything from the HTML can be used as a selector. You just have to wrap it in square brackets.

After doing the Advanced Selector process and doing a few “Parent” buttons, scroll down in RC and click “View Selected HTML” you will then find the title=“Next Page” attribute. I also had to add in the “button” to specify where to click since the title attribute is outside of the button element.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Zach and dev Team I had a similar Issue. I’m using the Nav tool to bring up secondary page of data but its in the same URL so I’m not sure if this is causing the issue. My recipe doesn’t seem to be selecting the button that shows the next page of data I would like Nav tool to use the “Buyers” button labeled in html as “wtb”

Recipe: Mod Recipe

When making this reply there are only two players looking to buy this item so my scrape if working properly would grab the 11 it can see on the first page and the 2 from the buyers page for a total of 13 rows, but only produces the initial 11.

I thought I had figured it out. once I went to the “Page Scrape” tab it gives me the option to manually select next page automation to scrape the 2 pages, note, it would be nice to not have a required 6 second delay between page scrapes. However when I went to do a crawl scrape with this recipe I notice that it doesn’t utilize the next page automation. I am also concerned that if it did select the next page the following results for other urls would result in only page two results and wouldn’t reset to including the sellers list. Added functionality as paid member required I’m sure, just like the 4 page crawl limit. :wink: