How to scrape this website. Novice question
just want all result with further clikc to open for one entry of location

Thank you

Hi date,

Thanks for the post! I took a look at the page and unfortunately, we will not be able to automate the scraping of this page.

Data Miner automation is based on visiting unique URLs. Not by clicking back and forth. It looks like the data you’re after is on the profile pages. Normally, Data Miner would extract these individual URLs, visit them and then scrape the data. However, as you manually click through the results you can see that the URLs don’t change. For this reason, Data Miner won’t be able to visit them and scrape.

That said, you can still build a Detail recipe to scrape the data. You would just have to manually visit each section. The “Scrape and Append” scrape method in Data Miner (under Page section) will allow you to accumulate many profiles as you click through.

Sorry, we couldn’t be more helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.