How to include date of posting in a recipe column?

So I am using a public scrape to scrape Autotrader UK and have successfully added columns based on the html of the page, however I want to also add the date of posting of an ad and cannot figure out what the script in the “element” sections should be.

This is what the html that describes the date looks like for each ad. It is the ID that I need.

<li class="search-page__result" id="202206076566256"


                    data-distance-value="13 miles"

Hi Tray,

Thanks for posting. I think the issue is that the id is as the Row level. So to capture the id, just leave the column selector blank and then change the extract type from text to Other Attribute under the advanced settings. Then for the Attribute name use “id”.

When you run the recipe, it will automatically fill in the column selector with the li row selector.

Hi Zach

Thanks for this. I’ve done it and get an error…

Any suggestions how to deal with that?

Many thanks


Hi Tray,

It looks like you’re using Xpath as your selector language. You need to use jQuery for this column set up.

Or you can switch the recipe language to Xpath from the Save Recipe tab in Recipe Creator. Then for your column selector you will need to use @id in the Selector input box.

Hi Zach

Thanks for the help and sorry for being really slow, I am such a newb! I had actually switched to jQuery and there I get the error. In Xpath I just dont get any values back. This is what the column setup looks in both xpath and jQuery

Hi Tray,

No worries. Try .//li for your Row selector and @id for your Column selector.