Google choreme out off memory error

while digging, google crome constantly gives memory errors.
it only occurs in this program.

Hi uzman2,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help. Could you please provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing? Once I have a little more info I’ll be able to better assist you.

600 ROws to error google chrome out off memory

Hi uzman2,

Thank you for the screenshot. Data Miner relies on Chrome’s local storage, which is a percentage of hard disk space.

It appears the amount of data being scrape is causing Chrome to run out of memory, crashing the page. Then Data Miner loses connection to the page, which explains our error message.

I’d recommend freeing up some space on your computer and also reducing the number of programs running while scraping. In addition, you can periodically stop the scrape, download the data, delete the Data Miner file and continue the scrape. This will reduce the amount of local storage utilized.