Getting physical mailing addresses for a list of companies

I have a list of 100 swiss companies we work with which i would like to get physical addresses for from a directory website. is there a way to do this with the free version, and how?

Many thanks in advance for any assitance!

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for posting.

If the physical addresses is visible on the site, Data Miner can scrape it. This scraping is done by using the extension when you’re on the page and applying one of our many public recipes or one that you created. A Recipe is a set of instructions the tool uses to read and scrape the site.

You can make recipes yourself by using our recipes creator tool and looking at our tutorials here: Recipe Creator or we can make them for you. Custom Recipes cost $150 per recipe and take 2-3 days to write. You can learn more about them here: Custom Recipe

If the address is listed on the search results page, you should be able to scrape this with the free plan.

However, if the address is on an individual profile page, then you may need a paid plan. Sub level data is typically scraped with our paid Crawl process which you can learn more about here: Crawl