Form Filler Recipe

How do I get to the Form Filler Recipe?

I used to be able to click on the extension and go to “data collections” upload my CSV and then edit the recipe data source and run. I can not find this anywhere.

Additionally, Is there a main page that I can navigate to all the different functions for data miner. There doesn’t seem to be any public pages other than this and the home screen.

Thanks for your help

Hi William,

Thanks for the post! I’m happy to help.

Recipes are filtered by the page it’s designed to scrape. So a form filling recipe is only visible after you complete the form and have the data visible. That said, form filling actually starts from a CSV and the Crawl/Jobs section of Data Miner, so you won’t be running the recipe from the pop up view.

If you are not able to view the collections/results button or any other buttons/recipes, it’s possible that you are signed out. You will need to sign in to use the form filling feature.

When using our older v1 Data Miner, you can sign in from here: Create your FREE account

Please let us know if you have any other questions.