Etsy Product Reviews: Next Page navigation woes

Hello. I have run into an issue that others seem to have too. My Next page automation isn’t working.

Here is what I’m looking at: HAWKHOUSE - Etsy

I am attempting to mine all of my reviews and put them into a spreadsheet.But don’t know how to code so am unable to proceed. I tried answers that were given to other questers such as:

I found “Next Page” in the html of the next button and put this (and other things) into the advanced settings:
[title=“Next Page”] button

But I really don’t know what I’m doing and could use a hand!

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for posting. I took a look at the page and this Nav is tricky. It looks like there aren’t any good selectors for the next page, however, it should be doable with some advanced selectors. Try the following:

.reviews-section  [aria-label="Pagination of section"]:eq(1) .wt-btn--icon:last

Manually copy and paste that into your Next Page Selector input box under the Advanced Settings and then you should be good to go!

Thank you so much that worked like a charm!