Cannot set URLs for crawl scrape


I am using free version of Data Miner to create crawl scrape recipe. I set .csv file with URLs as the source, select the column with URLs and click “check it” button. After that I get a message that URLs are valid and also the first webpage from the list opens. However, I cannot proceed to the next step. The next step button says “select a URL source option, then continue”. I have tried closing Google Chrome and Data Miner and doing it again, but no result. I would be very grateful for any advice on what I am doing wrong. Thank you so much in advance!

Best regards

Hi Elena,

Thanks for the post. The issue you’re currently seeing typically relates to loading problems. Once the URLs are validated, Data Miner must still load one of the URLs so it can load the recipes associated with that page. If the page has ads or some code that isn’t loading properly, Data Miner can have trouble loading the page. To fix this, you should be able to re-select your URL column, click “Check it” again, and then the page should load and the recipe tab will be available.