Can we get keyboard shortcuts for Data Miner?

I am scraping a lot of individual pages which open in a different tab each time. As a result I cannot scrape each page from within the Data Miner interface, I have to click the icon in the browser, then select the recipe, then click to scrape and add. That involves quite a lot of moving the mouse and clicking.

I would really like to use a keyboard shortcut to do those things. Can Data Miner be triggered and controlled by assigning keyboard shortcuts?


Hi Phil,

What pages are these? Do they their URL have common domains and leading substrings? Do the remainders of their paths follow any kind of pattern?


If so, you could generate a list of the URLs you need in Excel/Sheets and use said list in a crawl employing your recipe.

Hope that helps,

Thanks. That’s a really clever idea! I am already manually clicking hyperlinks in a sheet, so setting it up as a crawl sounds like a much better idea.